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There is not a lot of information for you to sit down and read about the condition "Neurofibromatosis". When your told that you or a loved one has any kind of illness or condition it can be really scary.

I decided to write a book about how I cope with Neurofibromatosis and Scoliosis in words that we can understand and that children will also understand. Some of my doctors have also contributed to the book. The book was so successful that I kept being asked to write a second book which is what I have done. The second book also contains around 40 other stories of other people who also suffer from Neurofibromatosis, this gives an understanding as to how Neurofibromatosis affects people so differently. There is also information from some of the medical profession who are involved in my medical care. 
If you want more information you can email me and I will gladly help with any questions you may have.

My first Book
size 6x9

pages 264

ISBN: 9781456770488

soft cover 8.50 + 2.40 P.P

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Soft Cover 8.50 + 2.40 P.P

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My Second Book

Living With Neurofibromatosis Book

Living With Neurofibromatosis Book

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Living With Neurofibromatosis Book

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